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The Zebra Miniskirt Police Get Their Revenge

Now that I have your attention… wait, that wasn’t just an attention grabber! Revenge of the Zebra Miniskirt Police is a very real thing that exists, and it becomes less surprising once you find out it’s a spin-off of Takashi Miike’s upcoming sequel, Zebraman 2.

The Miniskirt Police, however, won’t be gracing theaters. Their exploits—directed by Nishiumi Kenichiro, who served as Miike’s assistant director for Zebraman 2—are heading straight to video, which is appropriate given, well, everything about it.

If this sort of thing sounds like your bag, which I imagine it will for many (including myself), check out the trailer below, which also includes some brief behind the scenes footage.

Source [Filmsmash forum via Twitch]