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The Quintessential Quintuplets Help Promote Rice to Young People

quintessential quintuplets
According to the prefectural government of Niigata, today’s Japanese youth aren’t eating as much rice as they used to, but thankfully anime is here to save the day. The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries is hoping to boost promotion of rice to the younger generation with a little help from the Nakano sisters of The Quintessential Quintuplets, who will spread the benefits of enjoying rice as part of every meal.

Part of the issue, according to the local government, is that young people leave home for education or jobs in bigger cities, thus causing a dip in the consumption of Niigata rice. You can see the collaboration teaser visual that debuted ahead of the main campaign’s launch at the top of the article. 

The campaign will launch in full starting on February 14, kicking things off with a giveaway based on a collaboration visual and the sale of themed goods. 

The last time we saw The Quintessential Quintuplets was on the big screen when the anime film hit U.S. theaters back in December. Crunchyroll streamed The Quintessential Quintuplets TV anime—which adapts the hit manga by Negi Haruba—as it aired. Here’s the official synopsis:

Uesugi Fuutarou, a high school second-year from a poor family, receives a highly appealing offer to work part-time as a tutor… but his students turn out to be girls from his own class! What’s more, they’re quintuplets… and all five are beautiful, but happen to be problem students who have borderline grades and hate studying! Looks like his first assignment will be to win all the sisters’ trust?! Every day is a wild party in this rom-com centering around the quintuplet sisters of the Nakano household!

Via Crunchyroll News