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The Orbital Children Anime Films Get Their Own Manga

the orbital children

Mitsuo Ito’s The Orbital Children anime film project is making the leap to the page. According to Shueisha’s Tonari no Young Jump site, a manga adaptation is set to launch on  May 12. 

Gaku Tanigaki is handling art for the manga adaptation, and shared an illustration to mark the occasion:

The Orbital Children opened with its first part in Japan in January 2022, followed by the second in February. The anime film streamed in series form on Netflix, which described it like so:

The story begins in the year 2045, when AI has advanced and anyone can travel into space. Children born on the moon and children from Earth who are on a trip to space meet at the Japanese-built space station, “Anshin.” But their future is decided by the Seven Poem. This new six-episode series, a youthful, futuristic anime reminiscent of “Coil – A Circle of Children,” will start streaming worldwide from Friday, January 28, 2022!

Via Anime News Network