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The Horrors of the Gackpoid

I had no idea this fright night technology existed, because it generally takes something like news of Berserk’s Kentaro Miura providing artwork to alert me of bizarre products and applications. Once they had me hooked in with the headline, it was inevitable that I’d begin doing a little bit of research to find out more about this vocal synthesizer, and the horrors I’ve uncovered are in tune with artifacts like the Crystal Skull itself.

Gackpoid uses samples of Gackt himself along with Yamaha Corporation’s Vocaloid engine to allow users to type and generate new songs featuring the artist’s voice. It’s basically like a more advanced version of the Speech feature in text programs but with musical notes as well, and seems to produce equally chilling results. The samples provided sound like a rogue AI, perhaps a floating robotic head, sent to attack the world with Japanese pop. Here, give them a spin for yourself and see if you’re swayed to Gackt’s robotic army like he’s the Pied Piper. I can already feel… the power… surging through my body!

Gackpoid ships in Japan at the end of July.