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That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Novels Boast 20 Million Copies in Print

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As if the fact that it’s spawned (soon to be) two seasons of anime wasn’t enough of a clue, the That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime novels have been a huge success. Fuse’s fantasy series first kicked off its print run—after starting online serialization on user-generated novel site Shousetsuka ni Narou—in May of 2014, and as of now it’s officially surpassed 20 million copies in print.

The Slime novels, which feature illustrations by Mitz Vah, had just crossed the 18 million mark back in March of 2020, so an additional two million copies have made their way into the wild since. Fuse, Mitz Vah, manga adaptation illustrator Taiki Kawakami, and others commented on the milestone.

Here’s what Fuse had to say:

“I’m just confused by the fact that the series has become so big that it doesn’t feel real, but I’ll continue to do my best to live up to the expectations of all of you who support the series.”

Mitz Vah:

“The TenSura series has now surpassed 20 million copies in total… and I’m happy! Novel, manga, anime, and games… I am forever grateful to everyone who has walked with the series through the diverse world of TenSura in their own way of enjoyment. Keep supporting us!”

Manga illustrator Taiki Kawakami:

“Congratulations on the 20 million copies of the TenSura series! The world of TenSura is getting bigger and bigger like Tempest. I’m going to keep trying not to be shaken down from it!”

Congrats to everyone involved with the That Time I Was Reincarnated as a Slime novels! You can read more translated remarks over at Crunchyroll’s post.

The second season of the anime is currently slated to arrive in January 2021.