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Take a First Look Inside THE POETRY OF RAN Volume 1!

Poetry of Ran Vol 1

Later this year, get ready for a dose of monstrous inspiration! THE POETRY OF RAN kicks off its English language print run from Titan Manga.

The series hails from Yusuke Osawa, author of the manga adaptation of Star Wars: The Mandalorian. The Titan Comic imprint describes the series thus:

Perfect for fans of romance, poetry, and action, The Poetry of Ran is the story of warrior poet Torue who meets disgraced monster hunter Ran, and decides to compose an epic ballad of his deeds!

In this high-fantasy tale there are monster who devour people and all their evil — and the only way to banish them is to absorb these impurities. Torue, a young bard struggling to make a name for herself encounters one such monster hunter, a young man name Ran and decides to travel with him to gain inspiration from his exploits!

Poetry of Ran cover

Have a look inside at Osawa’s stunning art:

Sample Sample Sample Sample

Volume 1 is due to be released on December 12, 2023. It will retail for $12.99.

THE POETRY OF RAN Vol. 1 is one of many upcoming releases from Titan Manga. Previous and current releases include Astro Boy retelling Atom: The Beginning, the Sherlock manga adaptation, and the Kamen Rider Kuuga manga. Keep an eye out for pre-order information in the near future!

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