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Sword Art Online Season 3 Reveals Theme Song Performers

Sword Art Online Season 3 Premieres in Los Angeles September 15The long-awaited third season of Sword Art Online, which covers the Alicization arc, is finally set to debut this October, and now we know who will be performing the themes.

LiSA—who previously performed first season OP “crossing field,” second season EDs “No More Time Machine” and “Shiruishi,” and Ordinal Scale ED “Catch the Moment”—is on the new opening theme, “ADAMAS.” She’s aiming for a ‘shining’ theme that’s all about telling your own story and not letting others bring you down.

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Eir Aoi—who most recently performed Gun Gale Online OP “Ryusei”—is on ending theme “Iris.” She hopes to convey a theme of hope with a song that’s about an ‘important person.’

sword art online

Source: MoCa News via Crunchyroll