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Subaru Commercial to Tease Live-Action Attack on Titan Movie

Somehow this slipped by us when it was first reported at the beginning of December, but let
it be known, OUSA readers: a live-action Attack on Titan film is coming. Set to be released in
2015, the film will be directed by Shinji Higuchi, who’s done special effects on several Godzilla
and Gamera films.

Anyway, the news out this week is that we might not have to wait until 2015 to see what the
series’ live-action Titans will look like, because Higuchi has directed an Attack on Titan-Subaru
collaboration commercial that’ll give us a glimpse of the real-life giants. The commercial is set to
air in January and will doubtless hit the net seconds later.

It will be interesting to see how Higuchi, a founder of Gainax who’s currently doing storyboards
for Kill la Kill, will adapt Attack on Titan for the big screen. This is officially the first and only car
commercial we’ve ever been hyped about.

Source: AnimeAnime

UPDATE 1/24/14: It’s out, click here to see the live-action Attack On Titan Subaru commercial!

UPDATE 5/26/14: Japanese travel agency JTB is offering the chance to be an extra in the live-action Attack On Titan movie.

UPDATE 7/30/14: The cast for the live-action Attack on Titan movie was announced!

Matt Schley

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