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Steins;Gate Anime Film Scheduled for Fall in Japan

Fans on Japanese message boards have uncovered more info about the upcoming Steins;Gate anime movie thanks to the June issues of Shōnen Ace and Young Ace magazines. According to those sources, the film will open in Japan this fall.

The excitement of the date has been met with a bit of reservation, as staff details have yet to trickle out. Some fan reactions included, “Fall… do they have that much time even though they’re making Jormungand right now?” and, “Don’t you think the studio will change? Like White Fox won’t do it?”

“If the main staff changes we can expect it to get less interesting, huh,” another remarked, followed by a true naysayer: “Honestly I can’t see this being anything but a bomb.”

Of course, this is all fan speculation, so we won’t know how it really pans out until all of the details are officially announced. Hopefully it lives up to the understandably high expectations of Steins;Gate fans.

Source [Hachima Kikou, Otakomu via Crunchyroll]