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Stars Align Director Talks About Future of Anime

Director Kazuki Akane wrote a chain of Tweets in English about the future of the sports anime Stars Align.

“To the overseas supporters of ‘Stars Align,’” he wrote, “I have received many Twitter direct mail questions from overseas fans of ‘Stars Align‘ regarding the episodes after episode 13. I tweeted after the TV broadcast of ‘Stars Align’ ended that unfortunately there are no plans to produce more episodes after episode 13. It seems that when my tweets written in Japanese were translated by translation software, sometimes they could not be translated correctly.”

He continued, “I think that’s why it was difficult to understand the meaning of my tweet. So I’d like to once again inform the fans of ‘Stars Align’ of my plans for the future. I’m very sorry to say that I still haven’t found a production company or a company willing to fund the production of the sequel to ‘Stars Align’. Therefore, I have not yet been able to gather the animators to produce ‘Stars Align’. However, I am preparing to make episodes 13 to 24 someday.

“There is one more thing I need to tell you. The ‘StarsAlign’ SpecialFanMovie that we uploaded to YouTube in May of 2020 was made up of scenes taken from the scenario of episode13 that I had completed, so that fans of ‘StarsAlign’ who couldn’t watch the rest of episode12 could get a sense of the main characters after that . . .I made this video so that the fans of ‘Stars Align’ who couldn’t see the rest of episode 12 could get a sense of the main characters after that. Why did the story suddenly start two years later, and what happened to the story of Maki and Toma that was directly connected to episode 12? I plan to make it so that you can understand it when you watch the completed episode 13.”

As a concluding statement, he said, “Lastly, I found out from an overseas fan who sent me a direct mail on Twitter that some people seem to think that the continuation of ‘StarsAlign’ is going to be a full-length movie because they saw the special fan movie information. As you can see from my tweet, there is no movie of ‘Stars Align’. But I will try my best to show it to my fans someday. I am very grateful to my overseas fans for their continued support of ‘Stars Align’.”

Source: Kazuki Akane


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