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Space Runaway Ideon Anime Streams on HIDIVE

space runaway ideonAnime streaming newcomer HIDIVE added another classic series this week with the announcement of Space Runaway Ideon. The series goes live on the service today, with new episodes set to debut every Thursday at 1:00pm Eastern.

Ideon comes from Mobile Suit Gundam mastermind Yoshiyuki Tomino, who acted as chief director for the 1980-1981 mecha anime. Here’s how HIDIVE sums it up:

In the year 2300, mankind has begun colonizing planets around the Andromeda Galaxy. While doing so, they come to discover the mysterious remains of the Ideon, a godlike mecha. During the restoration process, the Ideon is unable to be activated until a humanoid alien race comes to the planet. When Cosmo Yuki climbs aboard, the Ideon activates suddenly which fends off the attack. Will Yuki be able to save the universe or will it meet its doom?