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Space Battleship Yamato producer, Leiji Matsumoto’s unreleased story, Ozuma, comes to life!

Are you familiar with Space Battleship Yamato? Well producer Leiji Matsumoto has a surprise for many of his fans!

After 30 years of silence, the story entitled Ozuma produced by famous mangaka Leiji Matsumoto will finally be released on TV in Japan.  Mr. Matsumoto is known as the producer who published world renowned classic science fiction works such as Galaxy Express 999Space Battle Ship Yamato, and Space Pirate Captain Harlock.  He wrote a rough draft of Ozuma in 1980’s but has never been published before. Now the story is completed and is being hailed as Mr. Matsumoto’s newest masterpiece to be released as a made for TV animation series. The Series will be released for the 20th year anniversary of Japan’s WoWow station.  It is expected to become a huge Sci-Fi masterpiece.

The story surrounds an unidentified gigantic object dubbed “Ozuma”.  It will be a serious drama about human relationships and romances entwined with intense mysterious stories, and science fiction-styled action in which Mr. Matsumoto asks the audience to seek “the meaning of life” in the 21 century. Directed by Mr. Takahashi of Armored Trooper Votoms with screen writer Mr. Takegami of One Piece, Ozuma will attract fans from all over the world.  This is a new chapter of Mr. Matsumoto’s world.