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Sony Distributing Madhouse’s Take on Marvel

Here’s a bit of good news that should light up the afternoon for both fans of Madhouse studios and Marvel Comics’ iconic set of heroes. In case you missed it a while back, the studio that brought us the likes of Ninja Scroll and, more recently,Batman: Gotham Knight, is tackling some of the planet’s finest in the form of four 12-episode series.

But I couldn’t have been the only one wondering what kind of licensing pit of despair that endeavor would land in here in the states. Luckily, those thoughts are all but completely wiped now that Sony has announced plans to distribute the series worldwide. Don’t get too excited, though, because we still have a long wait ahead of us. The first of the four series, featuring Iron Man and Wolverine, won’t be debuting on Sony’s Animax channel in Japan until 2010. Just in time for the next Iron Man movie!

Source [ANN]