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Man-Gataro Manga Getting the Flash Treatment

Whether you know it or not, you’re probably somewhat familiar with at least one of the works of wild man Man-Gataro. His series Jigoku Koshien—a baseball/fighting spoof serialized in Monthly Shonen Jump from 1996 to 1997—was the basis for Yudai Yamaguchi’s ridiculous 2002 film Battlefield Baseball, and now that very series is getting an adaptation in the form of straight-to-video flash animation.

You can check out a promotional video on the DVD’s official site for now, and it looks like there might be plans to turn some more of the artist’s titles into animated videos, as well. Normally the practice of Flash animation outside of the Internet makes my skin crawl, but it might work for Man-Gataro’s bizarre brand of visuals. Now, if only someone would have the cajones to bring some of his work to the handfuls of hungry fans he has over here.

Source [ANN]