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Naruto Hits Warp Speed in US

There sure has been a lot of streaming anime news lately, but this one might just be the most interesting of all. Viz is ready to really push Naruto along, and is planning to use the fantastical Internet to its fullest capacity to do so. Starting on January 15th, they’ll be streaming the newest episode of Naruto Shippuden—the continuation of the series that takes place after a time jump, for those unaware—within days of its Japanese air date with English subtitles. This will continue every Thursday after that, and acts as a huge leap toward keeping fans as up to date as possible.

That doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck in the middle of the action without any context, though. They’ll also be streaming the first 8 uncut, subtitled episodes of Shippuden beginning January 2nd, with 8 more to follow each Friday until they catch up with the new releases.

The graphic novels will also be seeing a wildly accelerated schedule, with 11 new volumes released over the course of three months beginning in February of 2009. That’s… a lot of manga, and if you can handle the avalanche of pages coming your way, it should be a good way to burn through the story with the ferocity of a wild manga beast.

Any big Naruto fans excited about all of this? It’s definitely an interesting move, and we’ll see how it all pans out over the coming months.

Keep your eyes on the official Naruto website in preparation for the dates listed.