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Simulation Romance App My Forged Wedding Comes to the U.S.

Voltage has introduced My Forged Wedding as their second romance game in the U.S. This is an English version of the popular Japanese romance game, “Kiss of the Oath Suddenly Happens.” The English version keeps the original characters and storylines the same as the Japanese version, and with it you can enjoy and interact with Japanese ikemen (nice-looking men).

The player acts as the “wife” of a man she has just met. Their life is rocky since the heroine and the husband are complete strangers, but as she spends more time with her husband, she becomes attracted to him, falls in love with him, and the true love story begins.

What’s going to happen at the end!? Let’s check it out!

Name of Application: My Forged Wedding
Price: $3.99 (free for prologue)
Where to buy: Apple Store, Googleplay, Android Market

Promotional video: