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Shortest Video Since That Cursed Prairie Dog

I’m pretty big on posting videos whenever I can find them, especially if it’s a preview for a new movie or TV series that might be of interest to anyone reading. The added bonus is that I get to link to another site, which is typically more informative than I could ever be, regardless of what language it’s in! The other thing that factors heavily into my decision making is the fact that videos are fun to watch, momentarily suppressing the average Internetter’s desire to flutter their attention further away.

Today’s video serves these functions only partially, however, remaining an odd curiosity in the world of “heads up” anime previews. Now, unless I’m missing something (which is always a possibility), it looks like this promotional clip for The Telepathy Girl Ran runs a whopping FIVE seconds. To a fan of the supernatural children’s mystery novels in Japan, this surely must be all that’s required for maximum excitement.

Maybe NHK is on to something, though, because I kept clicking play once the five seconds had transpired, forever lost in a cycle of hypnosis, my pores overflowing with the uncontrollable desire to watch telepathic mysteries and the inevitable unraveling thereof. I can only hope I haven’t unleashed its ghoulish vice grip upon you all.