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Shonen Jump Fans Rank Strongest, Scariest Bad Guys

Shonen Jump Fans Rank Strongest, Scariest Bad GuysHere’s a fun survey from the folks at Futabanet Manga Plus. The site asked its readers to rank the strongest, scariest bad guys in the history of Shonen Jump. That’s the manga magazine that’s brought us titles like Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer, One Piece and much more.

Let’s see which characters scared the pants off Japanese readers:

10 (tie). Akuma Shogun

10 (tie). Kars
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

10 (tie). Sosuke Aizen

9. Younger Toguro
Yu Yu Hakusho

8. Cell
Dragon Ball

7. Piccolo
Dragon Ball

6. Dio
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

5. Meruem
Hunter x Hunter

4. Majin Buu
Dragon Ball

3. Roah
Fist of the North Star

2. Muzan Kibutsuji
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

1. Frieza
Dragon Ball

There you have it, folks. What villains (Shonen Jump or otherwise) scared your pants off?

Source: Otakomu

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