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Seven Seas Licenses Vivy Prototype LN, Evil Secret Society of Cats Manga


Seven Seas Entertainment just shared some licensing news and descriptions of titles they’ll be releasing shortly.

First up, they licensed the Vivy Prototype light novels by Eiji Umehara and Tappei Nagatsuki. Volume 1 debuts in August, and meanwhile they gave us this description:

“Vivy, the world’s first autonomous AI, sings to bring joy to her audience as a cast member of NiaLand, Japan’s largest theme park. In this world, AIs have become integral to human life and exist to carry out their missions. One day, out of the blue, an AI claiming to be from the future approaches her, revealing that in one hundred years, advanced AIs will turn on the humans they once served, sparking a violent war to annihilate humankind! When he asks for her help in preventing the conflict, Vivy agrees to ditch the stage and take up the century-long mission against her kind in order to save humanity.”

Next up is You Like Me, Not My Daughter?! (Musume Janakute, Watashi ga Suki Nano!? in the original Japanese) by Tesshin Azuma, a manga adaptation based on the light novels by Kōta Nozomi and Giuniu. It debuts in November, and Seven Seas gave this description:

“When Ayako’s sister died, leaving her young daughter all alone, Ayako stepped up and took the child into her life. Now that her niece/adopted daughter is a teenager, a 30-something Ayako can sense first love in the air. Ayako teases her daughter about Takumi, their handsome and college-aged neighbor, who’s been tutoring her since she was young–could they be a blossoming couple, since he’s always beaming when he comes to their house? To Ayako’s surprise, Takumi isn’t interested in daughter dearest: he’s long had a crush on Ayako herself! In this age gap romantic comedy, one young man is ready to bring a little sugar to the sexy mom next door.”

The third and last title announced is the manga The Evil Secret Society of Cats (Aku no Himitsu Sōshiki Neko in the original Japanese) by Pandania. It debuts in October, and they gave this description:

“‘Let us teach the humans about the horror of cats!’ They may seem cute and cuddly (okay, they definitely are), but this secret society of cats is up to no good! Under the direction of the purple-caped General, The Evil Secret Society of Cats schemes against humanity in a series of hilarious plots as adorable as they are diabolical. Can these cats effectively terrorize the humans, or are they doomed to be petted rather than feared? Don’t miss this full-color manga tale of sweet but sinister shenanigans!”

Source: ANN

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