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Sentai Samples Scum’s Wish Anime’s English Dub

scum's wishSentai Filmworks has the complete collection of the Scum’s Wish anime on the way this September, so they recently unloaded the full English dub cast list. Now there’s a sample clip to go along with it, so see how the English version sounds so far below.

Here’s the cast breakdown:


Official English Cast:

Hanabi                   Avery Smithhart
Mugi                      Greg Cole
Kanai                     Adam Noble
Akane                     Maggie Flecknoe

Noriko                    Brittney Karbowski
Sanae                     Molly Searcy
Atsuya                    Joe Daniels
Hanabi’s Mother       Courtney Lomelo
Mei                         Christina Kelly
Terauchi                  Gabriel Regojo
Mito                        Juliet Simmons
Ayumi                     Katelyn Barr
Little Noriko             Brittney Karbowski
Teenage Akane        Maggie Flecknoe
Young Hanabi           Avery Smithhart
Young Mugi              Katelyn Barr