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Sentai Filmworks to Offer Dub Upgrade for Clannad, Others

If you’re one of the people that picked up copies of Sentai Filmworks’ DVDs—whether it happens to be Clannad, Blue Drop, Ghost Hound, Legends of the Dark King – A Fist of the North Star Story, or Tears to Tiara—sub-only is no longer your sole option.

In the wake of the completed Clannad dub, those with copies of these titles already in hand will be granted the opportunity to “upgrade” their discs. Though the specifics aren’t available at this time, Sentai’s upgrade program will allow fans to trade in their sub-only copies for discs including the dub.

While many people already in possession of the sub discs may be perfectly happy with these series as they are, it’s a nice gesture on Sentai Filmworks’ part, ensuring that no customers feel robbed of the soon-to-be available dub-loaded DVDs. Anyone have the subbed versions?

Source [Japanator]

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