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Sentai Filmworks Releases Dub Clip for Kandagawa Jet Girls

Kandagawa Jet Girls Complete Collection is coming out on Blu-ray from Sentai Filmworks on March 23. A little over a month ahead of the date, Sentai has released an announcement of the dub cast and crew, plus a short racing scene in English.


Christine Auten is the ADR director. Marta Bechtol is on ADR scripts.

For the leads, Kira Vincent Davis plays Rin Namiki and Darcy Whitehall plays Misa Aoi.

Looking to the supporting cast, D. B. Newton plays Aqua Manjo, Cathryn Gray plays Syoco, Shelby Blocker plays Kaguya Shijuuin, Melody Spade plays Kuromaru Manpuku, Katelyn Barr plays Jennifer Peach, Brittney Karbowski plays Emily Orange, Nadine Russell plays both Ziyu and Dina Pan, and Olivia Swasey plays Fuka Tamaki.

Sentai also retweeted how excited one of their actors is to be taking part:


Source: Sentai


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