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Sentai Details Horror Anime Another’s Dub Cast

With the DVD and Blu-ray release of horror anime Another scheduled for July 30, Sentai Filmworks officially rolled out the English dub cast information. Christopher Ayres serves as ADR Director, and the full cast features plenty of familiar names to fans of dubbed anime.

English Vocal Cast

Mei Misaki                                  Monica Rial

Kouichi Sakakibara                      Greg Ayres

Izumi Akizawa                            Jessica Boone

Naoya Teshigawara                     Chris Patton

Reiko                                        Molly Searcy

Mr. Kubodera                             David Matranga

Miss Mikami                               Sonja Meadow

Tomahiko Kazami                       Josh Grelle

Sakuragi Yukari                          Brittney Karbowski

Ikou Takabayshi                         Blake Shepard

Aya Ayano                                 Margaret McDonald

Sanae Mizuno                             Carli Mosier

Tamie                                        Marcy Bannor

Ryouhei                                     Carl Masterson

Yousuke                                     Christopher Ayres

Bird                                          Tiffany Grant


Additional Voices                        Hayley Adams

Christopher Ayres

Maggie Flecknoe

Tiffany Grant

Maggie Flecknoe

Tiffany Grant

Houston Hayes

Brittney Karbowski

Mark X Laskowski

Connor Leach

Margaret McDonald

Carli Mosier

Savannah Ober

Tiffany Terrell

For those who haven’t seen the series yet, here’s Sentai’s synopsis of Another:

Mei Misaki was cute, athletic and one of the most popular girls in her school. Why should a little thing like death change that? Now, 23 years after Mei’s mysterious demise, a new transfer student discovers that not only is his school’s student body one corpse short of a full roster, but that some secrets never leave high school. And what’s more, all of this may somehow be tied into his own family past. What is the secret and how does it all connect? And even if Kouichi does figure it out, will that knowledge help save him? As the school bells toll a deadly dirge and students begin to die, things that were never properly buried come back to haunt the high school of the damned in ANOTHER!

The Blu-ray and DVD can be pre-ordered here and here, respectively.