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See Haikara-San: Here Comes Miss Modern in Theaters This June

haikara-sanSponsored Spotlight: ELEVEN ARTS Anime Studio

Based on the classic shoujo manga series by Waki Yamato, Haikara-San: Here Comes Miss Modern is the latest theatrical anime feature to make its way to North America. ELEVEN ARTS Anime Studio has screenings planned in select theaters throughout the United States and Canada, and you can purchase tickets now ahead of the movie’s June 8 premiere.


Haikara-San: Here Comes Miss Modern takes place during the Taisho era of 1918, in which 17-year-old Benio Hanamura (voiced by Saori Hayami) isn’t afraid to buck tradition. A tomboy at heart, Benio enjoys climbing trees with her friends Tamaki (Asami Seto) and Ranmaru (Yuki Kaji) and practicing kendo, and she’s determined to find love on her own terms. Her family, however, has other plans, thus kicking off the tests of love, independence, and friendship that make Haikara-San an enduringly classic wartime story.


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Go ahead and enter to win, and don’t miss out on your chance to see the feature film in theaters. Check the official site for theater locations and secure your tickets to Haikara-san: Here Comes Miss Modern today!

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