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Search for Pokémon Hidden Away in the Woods Around Yomiuriland

Yomiuriland, which is located not too far from Tokyo, is launching Pokémon Wonder on July 17. You get to ramble through 48,438 square feet of woods and tall grass looking for the more than 50 different Pokémon that are hidden in the area. And unlike Pokémon Go!, there will literally be little Pokémon figures you can find. Check out this trailer showing how one is made:

The premise is that you’re helping do research with Pikachu and a character called Professor Kureso. To keep the attraction from being crowded, only two groups are permitted out at a time, and each group is limited to six people. Everyone gets a 90-minute stint. The people behind the attraction have expressed their desire that “kids and adults alike can experience the beauty of nature through Pokémon.”

Pokémon Wonder will last until April 2022.

Source: SoraNews24


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