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Satoshi Kon’s Dreaming Machine Back Up and Running

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a few months since visionary director Satoshi Kon’s untimely passing. Though it may have surprised us all, Kon was more prepared than anyone could have known, and one of his requests was that production on his latest film continue regardless.

The staff at Madhouse Studios are doing just that, as production is once again gearing up on The Dreaming Machine (Yume-Miru Kikai) after a temporary suspension. Taking over directing duties is character designer and chief animation director Yoshimi Itazu, who has been closely involved in the film’s creation from the very beginning.

It’s nice to see some encouraging news finally come out of such a loss. We may never be able to see the film exactly as Kon intended, but this is as close as we’re going to get.

If you’ve still yet to do so, be sure to read Patrick Macias’s fond farewell to the great director.

Source [Anime Nation via Twitch]