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Sailor Moon Anime Opening Parodied to Perfection in Fan Video

sailor moon

The only thing better than a fan recreation of a classic anime opening is one that gets the job done as cheaply as possible. The creativity that results from these projects is always both impressive and hilarious, and that’s definitely the case with a video that was recently posted by Twitter user @Miss_Yubari.

The results are a super low budget, frame-for-frame parody of Sailor Moon OP “Moonlight Densetsu.” The video went viral in Japan—with users like @minnano_dougaww commenting “I laughed so hard at this… I can’t decide if it’s a high or low level of perfection”—and you’ll see why below.

If you’re hungry for something a little less kludgy, check out the fan film we posted back in January.

Via SoraNews24