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Rhapsody Anime Project Releases Trailer for Upcoming Concerts

rockin’on group’s Rhapsody music anime project is coming out with a “live” concert anime. This will premiere during their in-person performances this summer. A short trailer a little over half a minute long has been released to give us an idea.

If you’re wondering how anime characters are going to perform live, it’s not a virtual trick. Instead, the voice actors who play the anime characters will be the ones performing. Meanwhile, the anime itself will be seen on a huge LED screen at the concert. All this will be located at the harevutai Live House venue that is in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

This is an original work from Yōichi Shibuya and rockin’on, and it’s about several bands who are all signed with the Rhapsody label. “…Rock is a story of grief and hope” is the tagline. Character design is being done by Yūki Kodama and Momoko Kawai.

The band Pink Flag consists of Jun Suetsugu playing vocalist/guitarist Kazuma Mochino, Junta Terashima playing guitarist Itsuki Mikai, Kōhei Yanagi playing bassist Taku Kitase, and Takuya Masumoto playing drummer Arata Kosegawa. They will be dealing with personal trauma.

The band Haru no Jūjika (translated as Spring Cross) consists of Tatsuya Sugawara playing vocalist Nijiro Shisui, Sōma Saitō playing guitarist Toji Tsukishima, Hiromu Mineta playing bassist Shion Kagami, and Shūichirō Umeda playing drummer Kosei Tayo. It’s made up of high school students.

The band Bluebird consists of Reon Tanie playing vocalist/guitarist Rakki Kokonoe, Haruki Asada playing vocalist/guitarist Soten Natsume, Katsuyuki Miura playing keyboardist Nazuna Chikarashi. They have all been friends since childhood.

The band System of Romance consists of Yuri Yamamoto playing vocalist Kinji Abiko and Daiki Kawamoto playing DJ/composer Ginji Abiko. They’re brothers working together.

Besides that, these actors have been announced: Jun Fukuyama plays Junya Tōsaka, Kenjiro Tsuda plays Kyōji Tōsaka, and Aya Endo plays Akari Tōsaka.

Source: ANN


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