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Return of the Attack of the Life-Sized Gundam

You know we’re livin’ in the future when Shinto priests start “blessing the ground upon which the Mobile Suit will stand.” The only thing better than that is having the actual MS stand there, which is precisely what’s going down in Shizuoka on April 27, 2010 (which is, like, right now).

Having blasted like a rocket (figuratively, it’s sad to say) from its original placing in Odaiba, the “Real Grade 1/1 Gundam” isn’t just showing up as is in Shizuoka. It’s now equipped with an illuminated beam saber, making nerdy photo ops with the colossus that much more delicious a prospect.

As Matt Alt illuminates over at his blog, the location of Shizuoka is significant in two ways. One, it’s host to the annual Shizuoka Hobby Show, and two, they manufacture Gundam model kits there. Sounds like a place I need to be. Right now.

Source [AltJapan]