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Rent Anime VHS Tapes (and a VCR) at This Shibuya Store

Blockbuster may have bitten the dust, but one rental store called Tsutaya in Shibuya is still going strong . . . and they have a huge collections of anime VHS tapes.

According to SoraNews24, while the store also has DVDs and Blu-ray, they still maintain about 6,000 video tapes.

The tapes are kept in the “Shibuya Film Collection,” and the move was newsworthy enough the store sent out a press release about it.

Are people renting them? The answer is YES. Some of the movies are only available on tape, so it’s this or nothing. And if you no longer own a VCR, Tsutaya will happily rent you one for a little less than $9 a week.

Some customers tweeted images from the store, giving a glimpse of what’s to offer, including anime.

Do you still have anime VHS tapes? Would you be interested in renting some (and maybe a VCR while you’re at it?).

Source: SoraNews24


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