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Reminder: Monster Airs Tonight on SyFy

Normally I wouldn’t insist on creating a news post simply for the sake of reminding people to watch something, but Monster has the power to make an impact if enough people are exposed to it, don’t you think? If you’re not sure yet, pick up Naoki Urasawa’s original manga (published here as part of Viz’s Signature line), or take a peek at Daryl Surat’s feature on the series in the newest issue of Otaku USA.

The show premieres tonight on Manga Entertainment’s SyFy Ani-Mondays block, and will be re-broadcast on SyFy’s sister channel, Chiller, one week later. Hopefully some of you get at least one of the channels, and I’m definitely going to be telling people who otherwise wouldn’t turn a second glance toward anime to check it out, because it’s markedly different than what American networks typically air on anime blocks.