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Kenshiro Meets Dynasty Warriors in Hokuto Musou

I was chomping at the bit to post about this, but wanted to wait until better screens surfaced. Well, thanks to Koei, we can stop squinting at magazine scans and start fully anticipating getting our hands on Hokuto Musou, yet another mash-up of anime with the tried and true Dynasty Warriors formula.

Like Gundam before it, Hokuto Musou pits iconic characters against an endless horde of enemies, with this entry naturally ditching space in favor of the brutal post-apocalyptic wasteland of Fist of the North Star.

The PS3/Xbox 360-bound game was merely hinted at during this year’s Tokyo Game Show, and was formally announced this week at a Koei press briefing, with Hokuto no Ken creators Buronson, and artist Tetsuo Hara. The game will follow and remain faithful to the original story, and will also offer up a second mode with an entirely new tale.

It’s not certain when or if Hokuto Musou will make its way stateside, but if it’s good enough for Gundam, let’s hope the same applies to Kenshiro so we can all A-TA-TA-TA-TA-TAAAA to our heart’s content. For now, enjoy some gameplay and cinema screens courtesy Koei:

Hokuto hyakuretsuken

Ken_grabbing enemy

Ken in aura

Kenshiro in aftermath

Kenshiro Rei

Raoh on horse

Surrounded by thugs