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Pui Pui Molcar Heads to the Big Screen in 3D Remastered Form


Who can resist the wheeled furballs of Pui Pui Molcar? The stop-motion series is about to make another big move with the announcement of plans for a compilation film, which will be released in Japanese theaters in 3D and MX4D on July 22.

The screenings of Tobidase! Narase! Pui Pui Molcar will be limited to a two-week run. The feature aims to take the 12-episode series and upscale and remaster it for the big screen, and those who attend screenings will get one of six special Molcar Balls, pictured below.

Here’s the film’s full poster:

If you’re curious about Pui Pui Molcar yourself, you can check out the series on Netflix.

Source: @molcar_anime