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Psycho-Pass, Sukimasuki Movies Are Not Kids’ Stuff

Some anime/manga-related films opening in the next few months are definitely not for kids, it seems.

First, there’s the Psycho-Pass movie, which has been given an R15+ rating, according to a tweet on the official Psycho-Pass Twitter account. R15+, as you might have reasoned, is a Japanese rating in-between America’s PG-13 and R ratings, where only those 15 and above may enter.

Takaki Kosaka, the president of Nitroplus, the production company behind Psycho-Pass, expressed relief the film wasn’t rated R18+, making it sound like it could’ve gone either way – probably unsurprising for fans of the often-violent series.

The other film lookin’ pretty adulty is the live-action adaptation of Yumi Unita (Usagi Drop)’s manga Sukimasuki (Peephole Love). The film hasn’t been rated yet, but just check out that trailer! Ecchi!

Sukimasuki hits limited release in Japan February 7.

Sources: Comic Natalie, ANN, Otakomu

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