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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Forms We’d Love to See Animated

2003's Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon had some unique concepts.

Back in 2003, a new iteration of the beloved Sailor Moon hit the airwaves. This time, though, it had entered the world of tokusatsu! The first of the new series to get the official English title Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, this version was a retelling of the story’s first arc. Some elements remained very much the same, while others were a surprise even to the most well-versed of fans.

Along with these changes came some new iterations of familiar characters. Some blew our minds, while others became subjects of debate. Regardless, they were awesome and unexpected additions to the story… and we want to see them again. Here are three Sailor Guardian forms we’d love to see get the animated treatment.


Sailor Luna

The somewhat contentious Sailor Luna

Okay, let’s just get this one out of the way first. Probably the most contentious addition to the show, Luna’s new human form was a stopgap during a certain story arc we’ll touch on in a moment. Rather than appearing as she did in the anime, this Luna was much younger. In fact, early teasers showing her silhouette led people to believe Chibi Moon would be making an early appearance!

The new version of the beloved mascot character grew on some Sailor Moon fans over time, as she became less a necessity and more her own character. Opinion is still divided on her — but we’d like to see her get an animated outing, just to see what could be done with the character.


Dark Mercury

Dark Sailor Mercury

One of the earliest signs that this wasn’t going to be the Sailor Moon we knew, Sailor Mercury’s turn to the dark side was both terrifying and… kind of awesome. The normally shy Ami Mizuno got new depths of character, as she and Usagi’s long-time friend Naru became rivals. (Fun side note: Naru was played by Chieco Kawabe, who previously played Mercury in the musicals!)

When Kunzite decided he wanted a Sailor Guardian of his own to even the odds, Ami was a no-brainer. Her insecurity and fear of abandonment made her an easy get. Though, as much as we love her wicked makeover, it was nice to see her come back into the fold after this arc ended. We’d love to see her dark side get another outing… and we swear it’s not just about the costume.


Princess Sailor Moon

The Vengeful Princess Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon herself has had lots of forms and makeovers. But this particular battle form is a force to be reckoned with. Awakened by the fear of losing Endymion yet again, this is Princess Serenity’s vengeful side distilled and given a sword. (Which also turns into a harp… we have toys to sell here.) This single-minded Sailor Guardian isn’t concerned with saving the world or her friends. If anything, they count as acceptable losses… and so does the entire world.

It was a surprising turn for a character who, in her current incarnation, is known for her compassion. It was also a sign that, while Usagi in her current life is fighting for love and justice, there may have been more to Serenity and Endymion’s ill-fated romance than we knew. It’s a major departure from the anime and manga, but it would be wild to see it brought to life again.

Any other Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon memories you’d like the revisit?

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