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Post-Unicorn Gundam Anime to Be Announced This Week

Its official site doesn’t go live until tomorrow, but there’s early word that the latest Gundam series will be based on the serialized web novel Twilight Axis.

Twilight Axis, a web novel that runs on Sunrise’s Yatate Bunko imprint, takes place in Gundam’s U.C. universe, a few months after the Laplace’s Box incident from Gundam Unicorn. It’s written by Kojiro Nakamura (Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ Side Story: Mirage of Zeon manga) with story and designs by Ark Performance (Arpeggio of Blue Steel).

The staff of the Twilight Axis anime reportedly includes director Sejoong Kim, who’s worked on Gundam series RE:0096, AGE and 00, mechanical director Shingo Abe (Star Driver) art director Hideki Nakamura (Gundam Thunderbolt) and composer Takashi Omama (Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation).

Like the online novel, Ark Performance will reportedly handle the series’ story and designs (the art featured here is from that web novel).

Look out for more news on Twilight Axis when the announcement becomes official as early as tomorrow.

Source: Yaraon

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