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Pokemon Go Inspires Punching Match in Sapporo

Pokemon Go Inspires Punching Match in SapporoA 35-year-old man in Sapporo, Japan was arrested this weekend for a bout of Pokemon Go-induced rage, it was reported today.

The story goes like this: the man was walking down the street, playing Pokemon Go, when he spotted a car parked facing traffic and, in his words, “sloppily.” He looked inside the car to find… another man, also in his 30s, also playing Pokemon Go!

The combination of poor parking and Pokemon playing sent the first man into a rage, during which he kicked the car. The other Pokemon player then got out of the car… and the enraged 35-year-old punched him twice in the face.

Ultimately, the car guy got the upper hand, grabbing the non-car guy and taking him to the police.

“I got angry when I saw him gaming while parked sloppily,” the first man was reported as saying.

Many commenters on the Japanese article, while acknowledging what the puncher did was wrong, also lament similar bad parking jobs around known “Pokespots.” But our favorite comment of the lot was one that said, “hey, guys, instead of fighting in real life, why not fight in the game?”

Have you ever witnessed a Pokemon Go-inspired… incident?

Source: Yahoo News

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