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Pokémon Go Player Allegedly Hit Police Officer for Interrupting Game

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It’s easy to get caught up in games, especially when you’re laser-focused on a particular task. With that in mind, some players take their dedication too far, which is what happened when a Japanese Pokémon Go player allegedly struck a police officer for interrupting his attempt to catch ’em all.

The incident went down in Japan’s Matsuyama City, and the 40-year-old man at the center of it has since been arrested. Around 50 people were gathered near a hotel, and some were entering the premises without permission, so a pair of police officers arrived to question trespassers.

When the suspect in question was stopped by police for questioning, he reportedly said, “Because of you, I didn’t catch [Pokémon]. I’ll kill you,” and allegedly struck one of the officers. The officer is fine, though, and now the overeager player has to deal with the repercussions of his obsession with catching those ever-elusive ‘Mon.

Source: Yahoo! Japan via Kotaku