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Pokémon Center Opens Lottery For New Pokémon Cards

Target is temporarily banning in-store sales of trading cards (including Pokémon ones) after violence erupted in one of their parking lots over some cards. Over in Japan, the Pokémon Center has also done some in-store banning because of how overzealous some fans (and scalpers) are behaving.

But rather than do a whole ban like Target, the Pokémon Center is specifically refusing to sell some very specific and very popular new cards in their store: “Booster Expansion Pack Eevee Heroes Box, Booster Expansion Pack Eevee Heroes Eevee’s Set, VMAX Special Set Eevee Heroes, and High Class Deck Double Box Gengar VMAX and Inteleon VMAX.”

The Pokémon Center said that these cards will have to be gotten through a pre-purchase lottery system, with yesterday as the deadline. If a person is selected out of this lottery, then they have an opportunity to purchase one unit of an item.

Source: SoraNews24


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