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Pokémon Anime Prepares to Kick Off Its 22nd Season in the U.S.

pokémon anime

How long have you been watching the Pokémon anime? The franchise itself just celebrated its 23rd anniversary yesterday with the announcement of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, and the English version of the anime adaptation is about to kick off its whopping 22nd season.

It all starts when Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon—Ultra Legends premieres on Disney XD next month. The first episode is set to air on Saturday, March 23 at 9:00am local time, and you can see a new preview below.


Ash has completed three of his four grand trials in the Alola region, and more adventures await as he and his classmates acquire new Z-Crystals, make new Pokémon friends, and learn how to Mantine Surf! In their role as Ultra Guardians, the Pokémon School students take on an important mission to protect Wela Volcano. Ash meets a new rival, Hau, whose Dartrix offers Rowlet quite a challenge. Even Rotom Dex gets an adventure of its own when our heroes visit the set of its favorite TV show! And Professor Kukui’s dream of starting a Pokémon League in Alola just might be getting closer to reality…