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Podcast: Friday ACE is on Its Way!

Many of you know of Mike Dent, the mythical, Japanese-superhero-powered beast behind quite a few articles on this site, as well as his regular contributions to the magazine itself. I’d wager a guess that a good portion of those familiar with Mike are in such a position thanks to his long-running podcast, R5 Central, from which the magazine column of the same name is derived.

Whether you’re a regular listener or not, Mike’s bringing his special brand of slickly-produced, Parsec Award-nominated podcasting to Otaku USA with Friday ACE, a weekly show that recaps recent news—from anime to music and beyond—in the way only Dent knows how (AKA “awesomely”).

Keep your peepers on the front page for more! In the meantime, go check out R5 Central if you’re not already jamming it.