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Piranha’s Alexandre Aja to Adapt Space Adventure Cobra

Rumors were popping up a few weeks back about Alexandre Aja looking to direct a feature based on Buichi Terasawa’s Space Adventure Cobra, but they seemed to be just that. Things have changed, though, as Terasawa has granted Aja the rights to move along with the project.

Aja—who directed horror features Haute Tension and the remake of The Hills Have Eyes, among others, prior to Piranha 3D—will be writing the script with Gregory Levasseur for what he hopes to be a big budget live-action take on the original.

While anime fans in America may find Cobra a little niche to adapt, keep in mind that the series was much more popular in Europe, and according to Aja it played a big part in his childhood.

Aside from kicking off work on the script, Aja also told the following to Mike Fleming of Deadline: “I have been carrying this inside me for 30 years and we are talking to the creature designers of films like Avatar and Star Trek, building a new world and doing it the right way.”

Should everything go smoothly, it certainly looks like the property is in the right hands. In the meantime, if you want more Cobra, check out Daryl Surat’s feature on the classic movie, or Darius Washington’s review.

Source [Deadline]