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Pikachu Invades Intimate Wear in Pokémon Lingerie Line

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Pokémon fashion has proven in the past that these lovable creatures go well on pretty much any clothing item. That extends to Pokémon lingerie thanks to a new line by Japanese lingerie brand Peach John, featuring the likes of Pikachu, Eevee, Jigglypuff, and Sylveon.

First up is a Pikachu non-wire bra (about $21) and matching Peasy pants ($14).

The lacy Sylveon bralette set will run you about $28.

Eevee goes all pink in a $37 bra set.

And Jigglypuff lives up to its skillset with a pastel pink pajama set for $37.

For those who want to show their more general Pokémon love, the Pokéball pajamas are also $37.

Finally, Pikachu is back in the spotlight with an $18 drawstring pouch.

These items will go on sale in women’s small through large sizes online and at Peach John stores in Japan starting May 7.

Source: PR Times via SoraNews24