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Phantom Arc to Close Out Votoms Next Spring

Coming a whopping 26 years after Ryousuke Takahashi‘s Armored Trooper Votoms originally aired, Sōkō Kihei VOTOMS: Gen-ei Hen (Armored Trooper Votoms: Phantom Arc) is an OVA that aims to close out the long-running series for good (which could just mean “for now” for all we know) next Spring.

Phantom Arc will be released across six Blu-ray and DVD volumes from Bandai Visual, with the first 24-minute volume streeting in Japan on the 26th of March. Naturally, this final chapter in the saga won’t be entering the world alone, as it makes for an ideal time to re-release the original series, as well.

If you want to read up on the Votoms release prior to Phantom Arc, go back and take a peek at part two of Darius Washington’s own saga here.

Source [2channel via ANN via Mecha Damashii]