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Overlord: The Sacred Kingdom Anime Film Sets Premiere Date for Japan

overlord: the sacred kingdom

Following a handy recap back in April, the official accounts for the Overlord anime have revealed a premiere date for the series’ next big screen event. Overlord: The Sacred Kingdom is set to open in Japanese cinemas on September 20, 2024. OxT is on the film’s theme song, “WHEELER-DEALER,” and you can see a new preview of the feature to come below.

Crunchyroll previously announced plans to bring the film to cinemas in multiple regions, with more information to come at a later date.

Based on the light novel series by Kugane Maruyama and so-bin, the Overlord anime is directed by Naoyuki Itou and produced at anime studio MADHOUSE. All four seasons are currently streaming on Crunchyroll, and here’s how the streamer describes the Overlord: The Sacred Kingdom anime film:

After twelve years of playing his favorite MMORPG game, Momonga logs in for the last time only to find himself transported into its world playing it indefinitely. Throughout his adventures, his avatar ascends to the title of Sorcerer King Ains Ooal Gown.

Once prosperous but now on the brink of ruin, The Sacred Kingdom enjoyed years of peace after construction of an enormous wall protecting them from neighboring invasions. But, one day this comes to an end when the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth arrives with an army of villainous demi-humans.

Fearing invasion of their own lands, the neighboring territory of the Slane Theocracy is forced to beg their enemies at the Sorcerer Kingdom for help. Heeding the call, Momonga, now known as the Sorcerer King Ains Ooal Gown, rallies the Sorcerer Kingdom and its undead army to join the fight alongside the Sacred Kingdom and the Slane Theocracy in hopes to defeat the Demon Emperor.

Source: Official Website