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Otaku Matchmaking Parties a Hit in Japan

otaku matchmaking party

It can be hard for an otaku to find love.

Enter “Otapa,” short for otaku party, a matchmaking event that takes place in major Japanese cities.

The otaku matchmaking parties, which are limited to otaku (participants must take a test to determine their otaku level on the official website) cost ¥8,000 (about $71) for men and ¥2,500 ($22) for women.

Before the event, participants fill out a list of their favorite anime and video games, which they show to potential partners to help spark conversation.

Otapa was created by Hiro Takeuchi, 38, himself a fan of anime and manga. The Asahi Shinbun quoted Takeuchi as saying, “otaku don’t really have a nice way to meet each other romantically, and I wanted to help.”

The matchmaking parties were initially just twice a month in Osaka, but have expanded in popularity, and are now held several times a month in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.

Back in February, a similar service, an otaku marriage consulting firm, opened in Akihabara.

Would you participate in a event like this where you live?

Source: Asahi

Matt Schley

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