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Otaking Has Beef with In Another World With My Smartphone Anime

otakingIt’s no secret that not all TV anime is created equal, and many blunders make their way on air before being fixed for later home video releases. Former Gainax president Toshio “Otaking” Okada has had some fun criticizing anime in the past, and he recently turned his attention to the anime adaptation of the In Another World With My Smartphone light novel series.

It all went down in the 195th episode of the Toshio Okada Seminar program, which is available to rent on YouTube in its entirety. There’s also an excerpt of the episode, which takes on isekai (different world) anime that are deemed “incompetent.”

Okada starts digging into the Smartphone anime around the 2:55 mark below.

While Okada said the series is “awful as anime” and that he would “become dumb just by watching it,” the real fun comes in his digs at the show’s animation. He points out a few specifics, including the snap below, which features some seriously long legs.


Okada also talks about stiff seating positions, unrealistic aftermaths of battle, and other inconsistencies. He may not have felt very smart watching the show, but he admits he gets enjoyment from making these observations.

Have you noticed any strange compositions, awkward animation, or other weird but funny problems in recent anime? Give us some examples in the comments!

Source: Niconico News Original, Yaraon! via Anime News Network