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Original Robot Anime Miru Announced by Agricultural Firm

Original Robot Anime Miru Announced by Agricultural FirmThere’s a new original robot anime on the way, and it’s being produced by an atypical source: Yanmar, a manufacturer of agricultural machines.

Says Yanmar:

Miru explores the theme of “confrontation and harmony between humans and nature” in the context of a global movement towards a sustainable society. The protagonist will navigate challenges and personal growth, striving to preserve the environment required for our existence, while the presence of robots will be depicted alongside their journey. The anime emphasizes the importance of finding balance between humanity and the natural world, aligning with the global call for sustainable living.

The name 未ル(Miru) is coined by combining the character for “future” (Mi) with the Japanese character “Ru” to indicate positive action and initiative in creating the future. Yanmar looks forward to joining its viewers in supporting the characters as they create their own future as the series unfolds.

The robots in Miru will be created by actual Yanmar designers. I bet they never thought they’d be creating robots for an anime series when they signed onto an agricultural company!

Art direction, illustration and character design are credited to artist YKBX, while scripts will be provided by Shigeru Morita (Lagrange – The Flower of Rin-ne). More information will be revealed at Anime Expo on July 3. Miru is set for a 2024 release.

Source: ANN

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