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One Piece Creator Takes 2-Week Break For Tonsil Removal

About a year ago, we reported a story about One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda going on temporary hiatus due to a case of peritonsillar abscess, a common complication of tonsillitis. Now he’s going to just have his tonsils removed and be done with it.

That means no One Piece in the June 9 and June 16 issues of Shonen Jump, but Oda wants you to know that he’s going to be back stronger than ever, at least according to a message he wrote accompanying the hiatus news on SJ’s website.

“Since I’m going to all the trouble of having surgery, I’m also planning to have them get me a bazooka installed in my shoulder.” Oh, Oda. You jokester, you.

Oda giving his tonsils a feel?

Speaking seriously, Oda noted that his tonsils tend to get swollen during periods of heavy work, which explains the operation last year. And heck, considering the workload involved in creating a weekly manga series as dense as One Piece, his tonsils must be swollen all the time. Get those tonsils outta here!

One Piece
will return to the pages of Shonen Jump June 23, and collected volume 74 of the manga will be released in Japanese bookstores June 4 with an initial print run of 4 million.

Source: Shonen Jump