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Once Naruto’s Conquered Fortnite, Let’s Bring These Anime Series In

Believe it! Naruto is in Fortnite!

Naruto and Fortnite have crossed the streams! If you’re a battle royale game enjoyer, you may already be neck deep in this latest collaboration. Between ninja cosmetics, cool weapons, and a Hidden Leaf Village to explore, there’s a lot to do. And if this goes over well, hopefully we’ll get more anime collabs in future!

It’s a pretty safe guess that other Shonen Jump titles would be up for consideration. But we’re scheming a little outside that box. Just hear us out, Epic Games. We think these would make for some fab collabs in future.


Lupin the Third

Lupin and Jigen

Listen. If anyone’s going to drop out of a bus in the sky and hang-glide down to a fight island, it’s Lupin the Third. The sheer amount of action and collateral damage in Fortnite would make it the perfect venue for the gentleman thief and his gang. Plus, you could get some sweet heist-y quests, and lots of sports jackets as cosmetics.

Oh, and let’s not forget cars. With the ride off-road tires in-game, you can already do a full Cagliostro and drive sideways on a cliff face. Imagine doing that with a little yellow Fiat. It just seems right.


Pretty Cure

A whole lot of PreCure

How much money do you want to spend on cosmetics in Fortnite? If the answer is “yes,” then clearly you’d also be on board with a Pretty Cure collaboration. The ever-growing battalion of magical girls would offer dozens of opportunities for new characters looks. Get them on enough people, and your next battle would effectively turn into a scene from a PreCure All Stars movie.

More importantly — dances. The franchise has been ending its episodes with mocap dances for more than a decade. That’s just free real estate right there. Imagine being able to celebrate a victory with some of that choreography.


Space Runaway Ideon

Space Runaway Ideon

Okay, hear us out.

So you know how there’s different people who want the Ideon? And like, they fight over it? And things get increasingly crazy and weird and deadly? Yeah, that’s one reason we feel like this Tomino classic would mesh with Fortnite. But not the main one.

We know from the end of the game’s first chapter that it’s willing to rip its own world apart to tell a story. After literally black-holing itself, a crossover with Ideon sounds less like a galactic disaster and more like a fun story thread. If you don’t know Ideon and its infamous ending, suffice to say it makes staring at a black hole for two days look pretty tame.

What anime are you rooting for to come to Fortnite?

Kara Dennison

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